Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Body as Ecotone - An Invitation

Ecotone: a transitional zone standing between two connected, yet separate ecosystems.
Body: the physical representation of a soul in transition.

We're interested in exploring the body as an ecotoneas a transitional place separating past and present, fantasy and realityand invite you to submit artistic expressions of this idea. (We're open to anything: striking text, video, finger paints, sand sculptures...)

Has your body served as a transitional zone physically through body art, pregnancy, injury, plastic surgery? Or perhaps through grief, stress, starvation or alchoholic binges? However you view your body as an ecotone, we're interested. Surprise us. Give us something brilliant, something edgy, something addictive, and we'll launch your piece into the blogosphere (also called rogue publishing). You never know who might be watching.

You can send blog submissions to davidhg[at] or associateeditor[at]