Monday, January 14, 2008

Series 2 - Addiction as Ecotone - An Invitation to Submit

(NOTE: Submissions for Series 2 - Addiction as Ecotone - are now closed.)

Ecotone: a transitional zone standing between two connected, yet separate ecosystems.

Addiction: the state of being enslaved to something that is
psychologically or physically habit-forming to
such an
extent that its cessation causes severe trauma. *

We're interested in exploring addictions (particularly their beginnings and, in some cases, their resolutions) as an ecotonea transitional place separating past and present, reality and fantasy. We thus invite you to submit artistic expressions you have related to this idea. (We're open to anything: striking text, video, finger paints, sand sculptures...)

Has your body served as the vessel for a chemical addiction? Your mind ensnared by an online addiction? Your soul trapped by the lyrics of a bad 80's band? However you view addiction as an ecotone, we're interested. Surprise us. Give us something brilliant, something edgy, and we'll launch your piece into the blogosphere (also called rogue publishing). You never know who might be watching.

Submission Guidelines:
  • While we are most interested in pieces that are unpublished, and will be more likely to accept your submission if Reimagining Place is its first home, we will consider previously published works during moments of weakness.
  • Our aesthetic tastes are as divergent and diverse as the landscapes we encounter. Language poems. Confessional narratives. Lyric essays. We'll consider anything sharp; however, given the nature of this site, brief is better. On rare occasions we'll publish something over 1,000 words.
  • This current series is tentatively slated to remain open through March, and submissions are welcome through this period.
You can send submissions to davidhg[at]

*Definitions are adapted from

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