Monday, January 28, 2008

Addiction as Ecotone - Part 4 - Peter Pereira

Oniomania - Peter Pereira

Not so much the desire

for owning things

as the inability to choose

between hunter or emerald

green, to buy

just roses, when there are birds

of paradise, dahlias,

delphinium, and baby’s breath.

At center an emptiness

large as a half-off sale table.

What could be so wrong

with a little indulgence?

To wander the aisles of fresh

new good things knowing

any of them could be hers?

With a closet full of shoes

unworn back home,

she’s looking for love

but it’s not for sale —

so she grabs three of

the next best thing.

This poem appears in Peter's newest book, What's Written on the Body (Copper Canyon Press, 2007). Peter is a physician in Seattle, and was a founding member of Floating Brigde Press. His previous book, Saying the World, was also out of Copper Canyon.

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